Message from the President

We consider our contribution to society as the basic philosophy of our company through servicing in order to be a bridge between people and business enterprises, under our company’s motto; Sincerity, Trust and Service.
We are working on creating an environment where each staff can professionally provide our customers with the peak performance, with their best brought up at each worksite.
We are aiming for a company, through the efforts of the staff, which always provides high quality, low price service to ensure as much customer satisfaction as possible. President Nobuko Tamae

Company Profile

Company NameSanko Total Service Co., Ltd.
Foundation DateJune 1, 1998
Capital10,000,000 yen
Registration DateMay 1, 2001

Head OfficeTsukamoto bldg. 2ndFloor, 2-19-13 Hiyoshidai,
Tomisato City Chiba Prefecture 286-0201
Address Alteration RegisteredFebruary 10, 2004
Telephone +81-476-91-2272(Master)
Fax +81-476-90-0234
Web Site

Tokyo OfficeMaison de Ville AZABUDAI 1302, 2-3-7 Azabudai,
Minato Ward Tokyo 106-0041
Telephone +81-3-5574-7150

Board Members President Nobuko Tamae
Director Toru Uchida
Auditing Officers Maiko Tamae, Jun Okutsu

Bank of Account Narita Branch of Keiyo Bank

■Authorization and Permission
Authorization of security services Authorized by Public Safety Commission of Chiba Prefecture Authorization No.: 440
All Japan Security Service Association: Registration No.368
Temporary personnel service Authorized by Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Permission No. Han (12) -10-0013

■Our Group Company
Limited Company S.T.S Tsukamoto bldg 1st Floor, 2-19-13 Hiyoshidai,
Tomisato City Chiba Prefecture
Business Building maintenance,
Parking and building management

History of Our Company

1998 Established, in June, as Kanto Branch of Sanko Security Service Co., Ltd in Tomisato Town, Inba County Chiba Prefecture

1998 Authorized, in July, to participate in competitive bidding on New Tokyo International Airport Authority

1999 Authorized, in June, to be a nominated contractor by Tomisato City Chiba Prefecture

2000 Recognized, in August, as a new and growing company by Labour Ministry

2001 Company name changed, in May, to Sanko Total Service Private Limited Company

2002 Authorized, in February, to be a nominated contractor by Narita City and Sakura City

2002 Organization changed, in April, to Sanko Total Service Co., Ltd.

Temporary Personnel Service permitted, in November, by Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry

2004 Established, in June, S.T.S Private Limited Company, a subsidiary 100% owned by Sanko Total Service Co., Ltd.

2010 Authorized, in January, to be a toprated nationwide contractor

2010 Recognized, in March, as "a vivid & energetic company" by Chiba Prefecture

2011 Nominated in April, as a staffing company for VIP service of Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2012 Established, in November,Central Japan International Airport Office

Business Items

1. Security service
  Resident security, Facility security, Crowd security, Traffic security, Safety security
2. Temporary personnel service
  Office assistant for any job, SE, CAD, Demonstration service, Sales and Marketing, New color, Light-duty work
3. Parking management service
4. Building total maintenance and management service
  Maintenance, operation and management of electric equipment/air conditioning systems, environmental sanitation,
  cleaning management service, gate keeping and reception service contracting
5. Sales of cleaning equipment and consumable supplies
6. Inspection and maintenance service of equipment/machinery
7. Nonlife insurance agent and other various insurances agent
8. All businesses and services incidental to the items abovementioned